Introducing The SFG Fly Tying Kits

The componant parts of the sfg fly tying kit

We're very glad to be able to introduce the SFG Fly Tying Kit. 

Every month we hope to produce a new kit that helps you to build up you fly box with useful patterns for the coming months. 

But rather than give named patterns or stick to the classics, we have designed generic patterns that sit loosely between the Greenwell Glories and the Mohican Mayflys of this world. The aim, to enable you to learn the techniques that make these flies possible rather than just copy a pattern exactly. Hopefully you should build up a knowledge base of how materials handle, building up to designing your own effective designs.


Each pack will contain enough hackles, ribs, dubbing and wings necessary to make 20 of that months pattern. 

No1 contains Partridge SLD #14 hooks, Turrall's Hackles (and some thread), Mallard flank, Veniard stripped quills. As with all our kits, complete instruction hand illustrated by Super Fly Guy and some history of the genre in question. All packaged up beautifully in hand printed packaging.

A video has also been produced to help you through the instructions too, in case you are that way inclined.

Kits can be bought here from today for the price of £18 including postage.

These are for intermediates and some basic knowledge is expected to be able to complete the kits. Beginners kits are in the pipeline, but will be larger and more expensive due to the extra steps needed. Please sign up to our mailing list if that's something you would like to be kept aware of.

The complete Dry Fly Kit



Super Fly Guy


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