Emerger print framed on wall
Emerger print framed on wall
Emerger print


Darren Groucutt X Superflyguy | Emerger A4 Risograph print


Darren is an award-winning creative director and designer. 

More recently he has taken up fly tying and fishing.

He really caught our eye when he started posting illustrations of his flies, painted with the offcuts of feathers found on his tying bench.


The delicacy of this illustration really comes alive in the riso, each hair and strand scratches through the surface just like the feather making the original mark.

Superflyguy reduced the artwork into as few colours as possible and created separations to be used for risograph printing

Risograph is a stencil duplication process, similar to Screen Printing, except for a standardised inkset of 12 (rather strange) pantone inks. Risograph printers use Plates, which means that it prints one colour at a time, each additional layer requires an additional pass through the machine. This creates some misregistration in the finished artwork, seen as a colour offset. 

A4 240gsm print only in a cello sleeve.